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Reframing Resilience: Critical Points for Climate Justice Funders

    Too often, resilience is defined as people’s capacity to endure human-built structures of oppression, such as colonialism, white supremacy, extractivism, and capitalism. In this context, we risk normalizing these structures, rather than dismantling systems causing the harm.

    Reframing Resilience: U.S.-based Climate Resilience Fund Builds Capacity in Communities Grappling With the Impacts of Climate Change

      CRF’s mission is to address the disconnect between the rapid onset of climate-related impacts and our collective lack of capacity to proactively prepare and build resilience in both human communities and natural systems. For that reason, CRF and its partners (including federal agencies in the U.S.), have been working over the past six years to build and support an emergent sector of climate services professionals who can help communities better understand their climate risks and how best to respond.