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An Australian Foundation Taking Action on Climate Change

    Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is a large community foundation in Melbourne, Australia, with an endowment of Aus $255 million. We hold strategic and donor advised funds and aim to respond to the changing needs of the community. In Melbourne, our priorities are lack of affordable housing, growing wealth inequality and most importantly climate change.

    Micro-small and medium-sized enterprises as key actors for the success of the green transition

      The world is facing unparalleled multidimensional crises. This leads some to fear that it has become even more difficult to live up to the challenges of climate change and sustainable development. At the same time, fortunately, the resolve for action on climate change and sustainable development is getting stronger. Scientists, non-governmental organisations, also more and more leaders in industry are urging governments to move faster on climate change.

      Indonesia´s Philanthropy plays a crucial role in enhancing sustainable development and climate agenda through multi-stakeholder partnerships

        As the world faces the urgent threat of climate change, it has become clear that it requires more than one actor to solve this complex and pressing issue. It’s clear that solving this complex problem requires collaborative efforts and partnerships between various actors, including governments, businesses, civil society organizations, and philanthropic institutions.