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F20 Climate Solutions Forum 2022

Renewable Energy and Shifting the Trillions: Making the transition to a net zero world a reality
Jakarta, Indonesia (hybrid)
07-08 September 2022
40+ Speaker
10:00 am – 10:20 am CEST / 3:00 pm – 3:20 pm WIB
  • Klaus Milke, F20 Chair, Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit
  • Ilham Habibie, F20 Co-Chair, The Habibie Center
  • Maria Luisa Parmigiani, F20 Co-Chair, Fondazione Unipolis
10:20 am – 10:50 am CEST / 3:20 pm – 3:50 pm WIB
  • Luhut B. Pandjaitan, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Republic of Indonesia
  • Teresa Ribera, Spanish Vice-President and Minister for the Ecological Transition
  • Dolf Gielen, Director, IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre (IITC)
  • Shawn Xiaohua Qu, Chairman, Canadian Solar Inc.
  • Hal Harvey, CEO, Energy Innovation
10:50 am – 12:00 pm CEST / 3:50 pm – 5:00 pm WIB
  • Fabby Tumiwa, Executive Director, Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR)
  • Naila Farouky, CEO & Executive Director, Arab Foundations Forum
  • Sven Teske, Associate Professor and Research Director at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney
  •  Mentari Pujantoro, Project Officer Energy Transition (Southeast and East Asia), Agora Energiewende
  • Yuri Okubo, Senior Researcher, Renewable Energy Institute
12pm-12:30pm CEST/ 5pm -5:30pm WIB

Break Out Session

12:30pm-1pm CEST 5:30pm-6pm WIB
  • Sigit Kumala, Chief Executive, Dharma Bhakti Astra Foundation (YDBA)
  • Eri Trinurini, Board Member, Bina Swadaya Foundation
  • Anthony Bebbington, International Program Director, Ford Foundation
1:00 pm – 1:30 pm CEST / 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm WIB
  • Amer Bukvic, Acting Director-General of Global Practice & Partnerships, Islamic Development Bank
  • Mafalda Duarte, CEO, Climate Investment Funds
  • Cherie Nursalim, Vice Chairman of Giti Group
1:30 pm – 2:40 pm CEST / 6:30 pm – 7:40 pm WIB
  • Sandra Guzmán, Founder, GFLAC
  • Lubomila Jordanova, CEO & Co-Founder, PlanA.Earth GmbH
  • Michael Hugman, Director, Climate (Finance), Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
  • Tristan Ace, Chief Product Officer, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)
  • Gagan Sidhu, Director, Centre for Energy Finance (CEEW)
2:40pm–2:50pm CEST / 7:40pm–7:50pm WIB
  • Stefan Schurig, Secretary General, F20
2:50pm–3pm CEST/ 7:50pm–8pm WIB
  • Jochen Flasbarth, State Secretary, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Federal Republic of Germany
  • Klaus Milke, F20 Chair, Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit
  • Ilham Habibie, F20 Co-Chair, The Habibie Center
  • Maria Luisa Parmigiani, F20 Co-Chair, Fondazione Unipolis
WIB 8:30am–5pm/ CEST 1:30pm–10pm WIB

Welcome Address

  • Conny Czymoch
  • Wicky Adrian

Context and Insights

  • Ilham Habibie, F20 Co-Chair, The Habibie Center
  • Klaus Milke, F20 Chair, Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit
  • Martin Hansen, Country Director, GIZ Indonesia
  • Neera Nundy, Co-Founder and Partner, Dasra The Good Community

F20 Young Leaders Showcase

  • Fish ‘n’ Bricks

Investing in Change: Impactful Innovations

  • Fajrin Rasyid, Telkom Indonesia
  • Gita Wirjawan, endgame
  • Neneng Goenadi, Grab Indonesia
  • Rizal Algamar, Southeast Asia Regional Director, Tropical Forest Alliance
9:30am – 10:30am / CEST 2:30pm – 3:30pm WIB

The Future of Work: Ecosystem Collaboration, Impactful Jobs and New Work

  • Connor Hood, Mayven Studios
  • Melanie Mossard, Impact Hub Asia Pacific
  • Aria Widyanto, Amartha, AsiaBerlin Ambassador

Hype for Good: SME Innovation in Digitalization and Sustainability

  • Achmad Alkatiri, Hypefast
  • Ulisari Eslita, Forbes Indonesia
10.30 - 11.45am CEST /3.30 - 4.45pm WIB

Circular Economy Transition: Problem Mapping

  • Gitafayar Saptyani
  • Julia Giebel
  • Nafisa Iskandar
  • Oliver Baudler
  • Rocky Pairunan

GIZ Indonesia Indonesian Startup Talents: Revolutionizing Indonesia’s waste ecosystem

  • M. Bijaksana Junerosano, Waste4Change
  • Ernest Layman, Rekosistem
  • Laurencia Cindy, Allas
  • Jessica Situmenag, Siklus
11.45 - 1pm CEST /4.45 - 6pm WIB

Common Ground: Inter-Faith Dialogue

  • Yenny Wahid, Director, Wahid Foundation, Muslim Voice
  • Jesuit Father A. Andang Listya Binawan, Driyarkara School Of Philosophy Jakarta, Catholic Voice
  • Eko Priyo Purnomo, Muhammadiya, Muslim Voice
  • Made Janur Yasa, Founder of The Plastic Exchange & CNN Hero 2021,
  • Hindu Voice − Melissa Kowara, Indonesian Coordinator of National Extinction Rebellion, Youth Voice

Final Round: What’s Next

  • Dino Patti Djalal, FPCI
  • Yenny Wahid, Wahid Foundation
1pm- 5pm CEST/ 6pm-10pm WIB

For on-site guests


By accounting for 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 85% of global GDP, and 66 % of the global population, the G20 represent the world’s biggest energy generation capacities. Because of their significant leverage effect at the international level, the G20 have a responsibility in putting climate on top of the global agenda and need to throw their weight behind the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The G20 can play a critical role in transforming their energy sector to make the energy transition a reality by accelerating innovative technologies and stepping up investments, whilst providing market creation, infrastructure and regulation.

Further, climate and energy partnerships (so called Just Energy Transition Partnerships) play a pivotal role to enhance practical cooperation on climate policy in line with the Paris Agreement and keep average temperature increase below the dangerous benchmark of 1.5°C.

The session on Climate Action, Storytelling, and Philanthropy presentedt a series of success stories of foundations and philanthropic organisation that are engaging actively on climate-related issues. At a more systemic level, philanthropy is uniquely placed to support progressive initiatives to generate meaningful transformation in line with the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement.

With this specific session, we intended to highlight and value the climate solutions that reside in the philanthropic sector by displaying a number of different short case studies on how to accelerate climate action, foster storytelling and value the transformative role of philanthropy.

Although there is a clear trend towards sustainable finance opportunities, closing the funding gap for the Sustainable Development Goals remains a global challenge. Whilst the demand for sustainable investment is growing much faster than the supply of credible green investment opportunities, governments and key stakeholders from the business and finance sector need to re-orient investments towards more sustainable technologies and businesses to shape a low-carbon, climate resilient and resource-efficient economy.

Experts and key personalities will discuss and determine the most pressing questions around sustainable finance and impact investing and the role of Sustainable Finance in overcoming the climate and energy emergencies.